WTF? And some stats. Let’s open with stats

Hello world.  And welcome to yet another first post on a blog.   Short on breakfast, but long on tea, I’m ignoring my rumbling belly and typing at a sedate pace into yet-another-wordpress-window.  So how do I catch your attention?  A quick google search for ‘blog first post‘ led me to this suggestion that it’s good to  open with a bang.  I remember Billy Corgan said much the same thing once.  This is nice serendipity because I was thinking about Billy Corgan as I took the baby across the park to the childminder this morning.  I saw him play live once (Billy Corgan, not the baby), and he does go on a bit, much like this paragraph.  So let’s move on, and follow good advice:


That’s the bang out the way.  So what is Icy Cow anyway?  A factory for rambling blog posts?  A new brand of chilled desert?  An amusingly-titled line of clothing?  All good ideas, but not the one we had in the pub.  So this Icy Cow (perhaps there are more) is a software startup based in Bristol UK.  We invented numerous brilliant cider-related names, and numerous more non-cider-related names, but ran up against a wall of domain squatters, and it *simply must be* .com.  So by a piece of serendipity we ran across an obscure piece of Norse mythology, and a name was born.   The ‘we’ in this two act drama are Alan, Andy, Jess and Tom, and we all have day jobs at Team Rubber (at Delib and Viral Ad Network specifically).  Things we’ll be posting about include:

  • startup experiences, things we get right, things we screw up, tips and tricks for others
  • how we balance our day jobs (which feature flexible working) with running a software startup
  • other people whose products or stories we like
  • the UK startup environment, especially in Bristol
  • our apps (we’re working on two right now, both aimed at creative businesses in software, advertising, film, design, architecture and such)
  • technical and design tips, questions, discussions and rants
  • the specific tools we’re using, including Python, the Pyramid framework, the ZODB database, other python WSGI apps like Deliverance, and also jQuery and WordPress
  • lean / agile software stuff.  Andy is a lean freak.
I promised stats, but I forgot to add any.  28 out of 32 people do so on Tuesdays, when surveyed.  When not surveyed the figure falls to just 27 out of 32.  But enough, breakfast calls.  Let’s end on a bang.

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